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This SEO case focuses on the website pindongos.com, it is a company dedicated to adventure sports in nature and its objective is to improve its website to increase the number of conversions.


Here is a company website with a physical location. In this case, it is an adventure sports company that has as its star service a tree climbing park that is its greatest success.

They contacted because they wanted an optimization of their website since, as they told me, they had been around for a year without obtaining a single conversion (contact) that came from the website. Therefore, an analysis of the website was carried out first and the strategy was subsequently created.

P. S. In this case a basic or medium SEO service was agreed. That did not include a full or in-depth site optimization. Therefore, the actions that were carried out were basic and effective, focused on website corrections and essential SEO. However, having found very good results with the work done, the company contacted me again to carry out an advanced SEO plan (which will begin, at the request of the organization itself, when the restrictive measures due to COVID19 end in Spain). In addition, when that plan is finalized it will also be added to the portfolio just like the others.

SEO Actions

  • SEO audit in which the multiple problems of this website were numbered.
  • Creation of a strategy to solve the most important ones.
  • Correction of errors with the contact form (the emails did not reach the recipient).
  • Creation of Search Console.
    Creation of Google Analytics.
  • Basic keyword research.
  • Replacing the old theme with a new and updated one. Change and substitution of subject, it was a very old-fashioned subject that generated rejection so that it increased the bounce rate and did not encourage staying on the web.
  • Creation and optimization (no index) of the pages Privacy Policy, Legal Notice and Cookies Policy
  • Insertion of images according to the web theme.
  • Adequacy of the contents of the Home with the introduction of keywords.
  • Entering keywords and improving the readability of texts.
  • Enter the phone number and location map on the contact page.

It is important to emphasize that the web page had very few keywords entered in addition to a very reduced semantics and it is something that in the future should be fixed. The most important ones were introduced here, emphasizing geolocation for the tree climbing park. However; personally I think they can be optimized much more. The texts were improved with the base itself and grammatical and other basic errors were corrected.

In addition to all this, the activities page (previously non-existent) was created and given greater strength through interlinking to index and rank as best as possible. This was a crucial part of the strategy, since observing the search intention of the users, it was observed that what they were looking for was what activities could be done, where and how they were. Therefore, it was crucial to respond to the user since previously all that information was concise and was on the price page messily.

This action bore very good fruit since today it is the most successful page on the web (after homepage) as Analytics shows. Therefore, it is concluded that the strategy was successful in this regard.

pindongos search console paginas vistas

Finally the call to action were made in a funnel. First going through the home, then the activities, then the prices and finally the contact. Thus the customer response was very positive.

Finally, another of the key actions in the strategy was the optimization of the loading speed of the Home. Unfortunately I have no samples of the loading speed prior to the changes but it was extremely low. It was found with a score of approximately 4 on mobile and 29 computer.

Once lazy load methods, cache plugins, etc. are installed. Speed improved markedly. However; Much more can still be improved, the current data is as follows:

Velocidad de carga en movil de pindongos
velocidad carga pindongos ordenador

Overall, web statistics improved. It is then verified that they were positive and useful actions for the website. As shown in the statistics, traffic increased following the SEO strategy.

This was carried out during the months of November and December and, it can be seen that at the end of December there was a peak in the average position of the web (probably due to the changes) and its statistics were improving rapidly afterwards.


panel rendimiento pindongos

Finally, there is also a drop in the average position and also in the visits due to the quarantine that we are undergoing here in Spain.

Therefore, a first SEO stage is concluded with positive results achieved in a short time. Of course, I consider that these statistics can be greatly improved and we will work on this website in the following months to make it so.

Future actions

Undoubtedly there are still many actions that can be taken to improve this website, it has a lot of potential, including:

  • Improve the loading speed of the entire site (it has plugins installed but it is still very slow, the images are too heavy and must be optimized)
  • Something completely essential is to optimize your website and make it responsive for mobile. The activities page is, but the rest of the web is not completely, and thanks to Google Analytics we know that most of the traffic comes from there.
  • To optimize the page of who we are because it has a lot of potential in this specific company
  • Creation of pages with SILO structure that hang from the activities page and give greater strength to each of the keywords related to said activity
  • Optimize metatags for the entire site
  • Optimize the content and linkbuilding of the entire site
  • Introduce the option of product purchase packs as it is something that has been observed to be in demand through the keyword research and the user’s search intention.




I hope that you like the page and I encourage you to contact me.

Best regards!