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Here we show the project of web creation and SEO optimization of the web, a healthcare website dedicated to the services of Speech Therapy.

I will show some of the work I did with this website.


In this project a website is created from scratch, it is a company website that is dedicated to Speech Therapy services.

For this occasion, the main objective of the website is to generate as many conversions as possible, the number of user contacts will be counted as conversions.

With this in mind, a website is created that through information about the company, services, prices, etc. I got to get those conversions.

Furthermore, knowing the type of service provided and the competition, the strategy is based on two basic criteria: on the one hand, geolocated SEO will be promoted, in this case in the province of Malaga. On the other hand, emphasis will be placed on the online service, since many of the therapies it offers are available electronically and this allows the company to export its services to clients that are not currently within its physical or logistical reach.

Therefore, taking into account all of the above, a series of actions are articulated to meet the objectives. Firstly the creation and design of the page (articulated at all times by the strategy) and secondly the SEO actions, many of them focused on the creation of the web itself.

Carried out actions

The actions carried out for this website are first of all development in which we have 4 phases, creation of the website and attached tools, installation of basic and added plugins, basic design and lastly, extra design. Later we will talk about actions focused on SEO.

Creation of the website and attached tools

  • Domain purchase
  • Hosting agreement
  • CMS installation (WordPress)
  • Creation of corporate mail with the domain name for use from the web ( at the request of the client.
  • Create Search Console
  • Creation of Google Analytics
  • SSL certificate installation

Installation of basic and added plugins

  • Plugin installation: Yoast SEO
  • Plugin installation: Cookie Notice
  • Plugin installation: Autoptimize
  • Plugin installation: Elementor
  • Plugin installation: a3 Lazy Load
  • Plugin installation: Elementor Contact Form DB
  • Plugin installation: Elementor Pro
  • Plugin installation: W3 Total Cache
  • Plugin installation: GA Google Analytics
  • Plugin installation: Limit Login Attemps Reloaded
  • Plugin installation: Premium Addons for Elementor
  • Plugin installation: Really Simple SSL
  • Plugin installation: Site Kit for Google
  • Plugin installation: Smush
  • Plugin installation: WP Mail SMTP

In addition to this, these plugins were configured, emphasizing the configuration of Yoast SEO, the creation of the sitemap.xml and its indexing in the Google Search Console. Finally, the Search Console and Analytics accounts were linked.

Basic web design

Creation of pages: Legal Notice, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Who are we ?, Thanks, Blog, Contact, Home, Services and rates. Informal language is used at the request of the client.

A structure is made with basic content and copywriting oriented for each of the pages with the content that they will have previously selected around the strategy. All this within the previously installed theme “GeneratePress”.

In the same way, the 3 necessary pages are adapted to Spanish law (Legal Notice, Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy). Finally, the acceptance box is inserted in the form to make it in accordance with the Data Protection Law, it is adds the Cookie Notice plugin to inform about the Cookies Policy and a database is created using the Elementor Contact Form DB plugin to leave an exportable record of the users who contact using the form.

Extra web design

The web design has been articulated with the Elementor page builder. Added to this, user-facing paragraphs of keyword information are optimized for reading too, with easy-to-read short paragraphs as well as clear headings and bold words so the user can easily scan and read them at a glance. In the same way, an interlinking has been created designed to direct users to the contacts page and in turn enhance the home page.

In addition, the pages that have been created have been subsequently expanded both in terms of keyword research and user intention, and pages that hang from the main ones (in the case of online) have been created to greatly enhance the word. key in question.

The logo and favicon have been introduced to improve the CTR when competing with other web page tabs. In addition, the colors of the page have been introduced from the logo so that everything is in line.

SEO Actions

  • Keyword research
  • Profiling the user’s search intent
  • SEOptimized Syntax and Structure
  • Interlinking that enhances the home and directs users to the contact page

For the homepage in particular, the page with which we will compete for our main keyword, the following actions defined by the strategy have been carried out:

  • The home page will be the most important page (followed by the specific page for online therapies)
  • Overscroll: optimized very simple and direct
  • The very careful, concrete and simple call to action: contact.
  • The keywords will be very well placed. SILO will be built around these keywords.
  • Story telling to enter the page and build trust with users. With the image of the professional to give even more closeness and help create more conversions.
  • Use of keywords with anchor text to enhance them. But without animation or highlighting in many cases as this will not distract the user from the call to action.
  • Optimized in terms of speed.
  • Favicon introduction

For the services and rates page the actions are as follows:

  • That there is a listing and a small description on the home page to transport linkjuice to this page.
  • Good explanation of each of the services including keywords as well as optimized images.
  • Introduction of FAQs that answer common questions and also include keywords.
  • Satisfied customer testimonials.
  • Call to action on both pages.

Who we are page:

  • Much emphasis on this page to give great confidence to the user. The purpose of this page is to make it clear to the customer who is behind this page.
  • There must be photography yes or yes, to empathize with the client.
  • There must be photos of the consultation showing the physical location.
  • Photos of the diplomas.
  • Basic information about the person as it is a one-person website to create a feeling of empathy.
  • Last to action according to the presentation of the professional.

Contact page

  • It is the landing page, the other pages will point to it.
  • It consists of a form and the other forms of contact.
  • Location is also included.


  • It is the page that is left at the end, it is more focused on positioning longtails in the future.
  • Link to important areas of the web such as home or contact using anchor text.
    Focused on web users, no technicalities.
  • The primary keyword will always be included.
  • Create inbound content.

In the footer, nofollow links will be used to avoid losing the crawl budget and the emphasis is also on Google My Business, which is very important for a business with these characteristics.

Loading Speed:

This is one part I would like to focus on as well. The loading speed of the site is very important today to improve the user experience and position correctly in Google.

This type of website, which has a lot of details, as well as appearance effects with the scroll-in and others. And adding that they are built with a page builder (which is never as optimal as designing them with code by hand but saves a lot of time when creating), they are very slow. Since the amount of code to be read by browsers is greater than if they were not built in this way.

However; To make the web as light as possible, plugins are installed to include lazy load, to optimize CSS, fonts, etc. And in this way the loading speed of the entire web is significantly improved.

Specifically this is the change:

velocidad de carga móvil seo
phone loading speed
SEO speed velocity computer
SEO Speed Velocity pc

However; the images are optimized in terms of speed only in the Home, on the other pages they are not. Therefore, it is understood that the loading speed is so optimal in the global computation (especially in mobile). That is to say, they have been optimized a lot in the Home because they are the most important page and the one that is given priority, but in the rest of the pages they can be optimized more. This would be done by changing the format of the image to a lighter one, compressing it, adjusting it to its maximum size on the web …

Without a doubt, for a future SEO plan in the future this would be one of the factors to work on.

General Review

Finally, I would like to emphasize a part that seems fundamental to me and I believe that not everyone performs. This is, do a general review.

I think that carrying out this task is very efficient, you just have to “let the web rest” for a few days and then in a short time take a look at the key factors and, if there is one where you have inadvertently failed, fix it . That is why I emphasize efficiency, as there is little time invested in exchange for very productive (and generally quick too) improvements if needed.

One of the tools that I normally use is Screaming Frog since it has many very useful functionalities.

Here I can see if on some page I have not put H1 or enough H2, for example; or if I have a wrong Meta Description, etc.

In this case, thanks to this review I realized that I had two URLs with error 404. One was a page that I had planned to create initially, but after searching for the user’s intention, I realized that it would not be a good page for start and another created through an image that I had deleted. Both were previously removed from WordPress, but there are times when URLs remain on the web and take time to remove.

search engine optimization screamingfrog

To solve it, I simply went to Search Console and requested the invalidation of those URLs so that when the web is crawled it does not encounter such errors.

Another of the most important things is to see if there is any image that does not have an ALT attribute using this functionality, as I show in the example:

screaming frog for seo

In this case, they were all test images that I originally intended to use but in the end I did not, and although they did not need an ALT attribute, it was useful to delete them from the web media and thus eliminate garbage; something that is always positive.

And, with regard to the images too, I find it interesting to reduce all those that are larger than 100KB. I know that in the loading speed section I mention that I would only optimize the speed of the images of the Home, but I also do not like to leave images with more than 100KB on any page, so I optimized this image as well.

screaming frog seo software

Therefore, here would be the project of this health website that I encourage you to take a look. Of course, if you find bugs that you think are appropriate to fix, I encourage you to contact me and I will be happy to learn from you.

Future Actions

  • To continue SILO with an expansion in treatments and services to make these keywords scalable, just as it is possible to
    Speed optimization on all pages (not just the home page)
  • Find opportunity keywords and develop them
  • See the behavior on the different pages and take the necessary actions




I hope that you like the page and I encourage you to contact me.

Best regards!