The work project of the website, a website of its own personal brand, is presented. Part of the strategy is shown here as well as some of the most important actions carried out.


In this case we are talking about my own personal website, so it defines a clear and concise strategy, it wants to point out and highlight an individual’s own personal brand.

The objectives to achieve this are:

  • Show introductory content of the person to put the visitor in a situation. This includes answers to the why of creating the web and basic questions.
  • Orient it to my target, who will generally be recruiters for companies, NGOs, etc.
  • There will be no monetization, if Adsense is included it will be simply to show that I have the ability and knowledge to do it. However; monetization methods such as Ads, affiliation, dropshipping or any other will not be sought.
  • Optimize it especially on a computer since it is the device that professionals generally use to work in these cases. However; It should be noted that if Analytics shows that recruiters also enter the page from a tablet or mobile, making it responsive will undoubtedly be a totally necessary action to carry out.
  • SEOptimization more oriented to the user experience than to the content of keywords, since the web will be launched to the people who interest me directly, the objective of the web is not to be found through organic searches (or at least in this first initial strategy ). Rather, the idea is that if a recruiter checks what SEO actions I have implemented on this website, he can see it, but as I say, the objective is not to position.
  • Respond to the non-existence of social networks, which is very important today.
  •  Make a showy website, that provides the visitor with a good user experience, using copywriting that is FULLY user-oriented, without searching for keywords; totally whitehat
  • Offer the possibility of using the web in English, which will be the language of exchange with foreign companies.
  • Calls to action to continue traveling from one page to another, spontaneous and organic interlinking simply helping to continue visiting the web but without having a key landing page.
  • Basic SEO such as meta tag optimization, alt tag on images, etc.

Carried out actions

The actions carried out for this website are based on a development and web design already oriented to the strategy itself. This has 4 phases: creation of the website and attached tools, installation of basic and added plugins, basic design and finally the extra design. Later we will talk about actions focused on SEO.

Creation of the website and attached tools

  • Domain purchase
  • Hosting purchase
  • CMS Installation (WordPress)
  • Account creation in Google Search Console
  • Account creation in Google Analytics
  • SSL Certificate instalation

Installation of basic and added plugins

The plugins installed in this case have been:

  • Rank Math
  • Code Snippets
  • Cookie notice
  • Easy Table of Contents
  • Elementor
  • Elementor Contact Form DB
  • Elementor Pro
  • Envato Elements
  • GA Google Analytics
  • JetElements For Elementor
  • Polylang
  • Polylang Connect for
  • Elementor
  • Really Simple SSL
  • Smush

In addition, these plugins were configured, emphasizing the configuration of Rank Math, the creation of the Sitemap.xml and its indexing in the Google Search Console. Google Analytics accounts were also synced with Search Console.

Basic web design

The pages of Legal Notice, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Home, Blog, CV, Technical Skills and Portfolio are created. For copywriting formal and informal languages are used, and the menu would look like this:

menu header de

It is decided that according to the strategy these are the most useful pages. Depending also on the behavior observed in the future on the web page, conclusions can be drawn and pages can be modified, created or deleted if deemed necessary.

Subsequently, a presentation is made with basic content and copywriting oriented for each of the pages, what content they will have and also how it is presented to visitors. All this within the previously installed theme “GeneratePress” which seems to me a great theme and then add layers and modifications.

In the same way, the 3 necessary pages are adapted to Spanish law (Legal Notice, Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy). Finally, the acceptance box is inserted in the form to make it in accordance with the Data Protection Law, it is adds the Cookie Notice plugin to inform about the Cookies Policy and a database is created using the Elementor Contact Form DB plugin to leave an exportable record of the users who contact using the form.

Extra web design

The web design has been articulated with the Elementor page builder. However the images have been taken advantage of and short, easy-to-read paragraphs have been created so that the user can continue the page tour easily. Likewise, links to other pages have been introduced as a button instead of paragraph text with anchor text to increase the CTR.

As they are pages where what is basically intended is to provide information to the user, the contents have been compressed a lot using different tools and widgets that Elementor makes available to the webmaster.

Likewise, to continue with the strategy and contribute to the basic objective of the web, many different ways of providing said information and content have been used so that the recruiter himself, simply by seeing the page, can observe that I am able to present the content in different ways and I don’t just follow a “template to fill out”. A color palette has been chosen according to the logo and a page width that provides comfort to the reader.

In the same sense, the corresponding pages in English have been created to facilitate reading for non-Spanish speakers and to maintain the correct form of the page. In this case, a plugin that simply translates the words with an online assistant has not been used, as this could cause an imbalance in different places of the design.

Here you can see examples of parts of the web with different types of content presentation

parte de home joseca sanchez sobre objetivos de la web
objetivos a corto plazo joseca sanchez
portfolio que contiene gráficos sobre habilidades
habilidad de combinar elementos en la página

SEO Actions

They have already been mentioned in the design of many SEO actions carried out, focusing especially on the user experience, the page and the strategy designed for the client (the recruiters of organizations), which is so important and increasingly more according to the Search engine algorithms learn.

We have also commented on the introduction of buttons to increase the CTR to visit other pages and stay on the web (increasing the average time per session, minimizing as much as possible the bounce, also increasing the number of pages viewed per session, among many other factors).

website home boton contactar
  • As already commented also, interlinking does not follow any previous strategy, it has simply been generated organically and according to the pages themselves they were requiring.
  • Any keyword research has been carried out for the site since the strategy does not consider it necessary as much as for its objectives. However, keyword researches will be made for each of the blog entries because there it is interesting to position the content, really that is where relevant content focused on organic searches will be generated and not on the rest of the web (which, as already mentioned, will have a very different objective). In this way, the idea is that it should attract blog visits to the web and not in the opposite direction.
  • Metatags have been optimized to order the content in a correct way when crawling.
  • The pages of Legal Notice, Cookies Policy and Privacy Policy have been marked as “no index” so as not to generate Thin Content.
  • All the URLs that have been created are friendly, the English URLs have also been optimized to generate easy readability.
link de url amigable
  • An easy and horizontal structure has been created since the number of pages is low, the creation of clusters or the like has not been necessary.
  • Through the design, my person has been shown in images and videos, which helps to create a complicity between the visitor and me, showing more transparency and undoubtedly helping the conversion rate (which in this case would be to be contacted).
  • Use of nofollow links to avoid losing crawl budget when deemed necessary.
  • A logo has been inserted into the favicon to help increase the CTR when competing with other windows.

Future actions

  • Increase CTR by optimizing metatitles
  • Link building strategy
  • Optimization of loading speed (plugins, and optimization of image size and quality as well as compression)
  • Create responsive website
  • Image optimization




I hope that you like the page and I encourage you to contact me.

Best regards!