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The following project is intended for an online store of the affiliation type. This website focuses on the light ring niche and, as will be seen below, it is not a highly visited niche, although it is fairly competitive. However; This website will be used to implement link building techniques, tests and other types and will serve to “experiment”. Therefore, he preferred one with not too many visits in case it could give problems in the future. The web is


The strategy in this case will be quite simple, although generally the objective is to achieve sales through affiliate links on Amazon., Here I intend to get a not very high number of visits (with about 100-200 a month is correct) and experiment with it. It will help me to implement or not tactics in other of my projects that are designed to generate income. Therefore, the store will focus a priori on selling products and all its pages will contribute to the objective, as if it were another of the affiliate stores that I have.

All pages will then contain clickable products with such affiliate links. The keyword density will be very high, there will be some texts at the top focused on the user (and including kw as well) and, below others that respond more to the search engines and the search intention (in many cases transactional and in others not ).

Another very important fact is the introduction of words from the entire semantic field of the main kw so that they enrich the content for SEO. There will be continuous calls to action for you to click on each of the products and all this will ensure that the high specialization of the website (which focuses on only one type of product) achieves a very strong penetration in the niche since the Competition dedicates about 2 or 3 pages to this type of product because they are stores that sell other types of technology and tools and this is just one branch of them. However, here the penetration is achieved by making the entire web based on that product, on that keyword and, all the pages point to it.

Finally, an attempt will be made to empathize with the client through copywriting, the arrangement of texts and images.

Future movements

  • A market analysis is done focused on the volume of searches, competition and the percentage of affiliation that Amazon provides according to the type of product.
  • A product is chosen and a keyword research is carried out.
  • The web is built around the product and its derived keywords
  • Derived keyword pages are created by influencing the most searched variations.
  • The home is loaded with both informational and transactional content
  • Friendly URLs are created
  • The page is optimized using lazy load, cache plugins, etc.
  • All the images are optimized in size and with correct title and ALT attribute
  • Pages are created with a table of contents at the beginning to sort and organize them.
  • Google Analytics and Search Consoles are created and linked using Google Site.
  • Products are introduced with a short description and a button also linked with an affiliate link below as CTA.

With this image I want to show that despite being a fairly small niche (about 2000 monthly visits to its largest main keyword), it shows a clear improvement from the end of 2019 until now in 2020.

It is true that it may be because we are in quarantine so that people look for more this type of products that, lately, are required a lot for social networks, streaming and others. To this day I do not know why, it may stay in fashion or it may continue to rise over time. Of course, I hope it is the latter; but if not, I will learn for the future so in any case I win.

Estrategias futuras

  • When the web agrees a little, within a month, seeing user behavior, the most searched pages, etc. An interlinking will be done designed to give more strength to the most difficult to position pages. Using anchord text for keywords as with the typical one: “maybe you’re also interested”, and then link to other pages and the home page. This would have a double function, interlinking itself and being a CTA to help people stay longer on the page.
  • Make a link building strategy that better positions the entire website
  • Introduce products through the Amazon API and make them more attractive
  • Create specific pages and SILO if necessary as searches advance
  • Introduce advertising through Adsense
  • Optimize the metatitles to increase the CTR


  • This affiliate store will not be focused on achieving online sales but rather will act as a “guinea pig” to try different tactics and techniques and see the results.
  • In any case it is a project for the future, with a view to generating income in any case in the medium or long term
  • It will be the first website where you can experience how an Exact Match Domain website behaves in other languages
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