hi! wellcome to my site

I am very happy that you got here!

Please take a look at the rest of the web and let me tell you a little more about myself.

introducing myself

why this website?

I am José Carlos Sánchez Ortigosa a recent graduate of the University of Granada (Spain, the country where I was born and I currently live), I am just 23 years old and, with the current situation in the national and European labor market, it is difficult to find a good job offer with little experience. For this reason, this website, developed and optimized only by me, fulfills several objectives, mainly:

personal branding

Both business and personal branding is the necessary trend in the marketing world and there is no better time than now to start.


Especially through the Curriculum Vitae page, as well as Technical Skills and the portfolio.

show knowledge and opinions

The blog will be the repository that contains my ideas and reflections on many areas to know.

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Where did you work?

To answer this I encourage you to visit the page with my Curriculum Vitae. There I will leave summarized but detailed my first steps and my training.

I still have a long way to go!


what can you do?

Today it is as or more important to know what skills you have than the Curriculum itself or even the motivation letter.

This is why I have dedicated a page only to them.


Do you like what you see? Do not hesitate to contact me

By now everything too formal, right?

3 short-term goals


Work over the world


new routes




And the social networks?

No, I haven´t forgotten this part, here I give you my reasons and reasons why RR SS are not shown on the web.

Well, although it seems incredible, I do not have. I only have Whatsapp and my email.

I do not have Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, yes I am a rare Millenial. However; I will say in my defense that I am not interested in showing what I do using these tools and that I prefer that people tell me in person everything that has happened since I have not seen them 🙂

Yes, everyone around me has any of the mentioned networks (if not all), so I know how they are used and the possibilities they offer.

Also, even if I don’t have a personal account in this type of network, I can work with them (for example with Facebook or Instagram Ads and others). I am aware of the need to maintain good social networks and create positive campaigns in these for online marketing.

Although in the blog it will be covered in more depth. I think that for any marketer and SEO it is totally necessary to understand the importance of YouTube as a search engine. Every day YouTube searches (especially informational as tutorials or recipes) grow non-stop and doing SEO only on Google seems to me a tremendous mistake.

Added to this, it is crucial to internalize that today it is practically necessary to have a YouTube channel to create and improve your personal and / or organizational brand since videos are prodigious tools for this.

Probably sooner or later it will come, I just don’t think it’s time for me to do it now.

A YouTube channel has to be somewhat thoughtful, prepared with a content strategy and form beforehand, and as it uses to be said, things well done or better not done!

Yes I’ve thinked about it; but like the channel, by personal decision I consider that it is not the moment.

Nevertheless, for the objectives that I have with this website as a pretender to an online marketer, I know that it is something that would ABSOLUTELY promote my brand. Creating rapprochement between the visitor and me (something basic on the internet), allowing an idea of ​​what I am like, improving the user experience if I manage to attract visits for the aforementioned objectives…

That video may come sooner rather than later looking at just these examples of reasons to do so… 🙂


I hope that you like the page and I encourage you to contact me.

Best regards!